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  1. Request a rank

    Just a friendly template, you template isnt neccesarily a MUST but is very helpful. Template : In-Game name: Donator Rank :
  2. Punishment Appeal Template

    When appealing for a punishment you received, make sure you read the rules below before posting. RULES : Rule 1: It has to be atleast 48 hours before Appealing for your punishment. Rule 2: Do not appeal for a Macban, they are permanant. TEMPLATE : In-game name: What rule did you break: Why should your punishment be lifted: Additonal Information:
  3. Report a player/staff template

    Please make sure that you follow the template shown below when reporting a player or staff member, Not following the template may result in us closing the post. Report A Player/staff Template: In-Game name: What rule did they break: What time did they break the rules: Proof: Any other key details:
  4. Please make sure that you follow the template shown below when recovering your account, it helps us get the correct details in order to be as efficient when recovering it, Not following the template may result in us closing the post. Template: In-Game name: Provided Picture: (NOT-REQUIRED) Last time logged in: Any other key details:

    This will be updated pretty much instantly upon having changes to the staff team, Please try be as honest as possibly when doing your feedback but not to honest to the point of being rude or disrespectful. Staff List Founder Aaron OWNERS Aaron Biscuit Global Moderator Server Moderator Gio N/A Server Support N/A N/A N/A Discord Manager N/A

    ACCEPTING OSRS We are now accepting osrs gp, the reason for this is to allow people who dont have money or cant use cards ect, this way if they have spare gp they can donate it. WHO TO SPEAK TO? Biscuit will be accepting all osrs gp. RATES? We are selling the gp at 1m = $0.40 We are only accepting 25m osrs gp as the minimum payment, The reason we are only accepting 25m is because the lowest you can donate on the store is $10 and this when sold comes to around $10 USD, We cant put the rates any higher or lower or people would be abuse the system.
  7. Limited Pet Goblin

    PET GOBLIN (LIMITED ITEM) Introduction to the pet: The pet is designed to pick up rares for you automatically when you filter it by right clicking the npc and pressing "filter" to toggle it on and off, it will also pick up things such as crystal keys, coin bags, coins and clue scrolls. It also gives a 2% droprate bonus when having the pet summoned and cannot be lost in the wilderness, it also can be traded to other players in-game. How many will be sold? Due to the fact that the whole selling point of the item is to have it limited to a certain amount we will only sell 5. Future possible updates: We could potentially be adding a metamorphisis to have it change npc looks. Having a skilling feature that will help. Price? $50 Link to buy? https://store.wisdomrsps.com/?category=Limited Deals We also would love for you to tell us anything you would like as future limited items or updates you want onto the pets.
  8. Account Security

    How to keep your Wisdom account safe! A lot of the information in this thread will sound very old and obvious but it's always important. 1. Make sure that your password is never shared with other servers. 2. Do not share your account with other people, it is against the rules and you can get banned for it. 3. Be careful when opening files sent to you from other people you don't trust. 4. A secure account pin helps keep your account safe even in the case of your password being stolen. 5. Staff will NEVER ask for your password or pin so do not give this information to anyone who asks. 6. ::Setemail allows you to set an email recovery. 7. ::Setdiscord allows you to just verify yourself alot more. 7. Make sure to sign up to the forums with your username so that no one can copy your indentity. Stay safe everyone!
  9. In-Game Rules

    In-Game Rules Section 1 - Botting, Bug Abuse & Bank Pin 1.0 Passwords & Bank Pins If you compromise the security of your account by handing out your Password or Bank Pin and this results in the loss of items or levels on your account, you will not receive compensation. If you use the same Password and/or Bank Pin as another server and that other server gets hacked, you could potentially lose your account. 1.1 Botting/Macroing Wisdom does not allow the use of third party software to gain an unfair advantage while playing our game. This includes bots, auto clickers, or any other third party software. 1.2 Bug Abuse Intentionally abusing bugs with your knowledge that causes harm to Wisdom and the community will automatically result in a ban if you continue to abuse it and don’t report it. If you find a bug instantly report it under the “Report a Bug” section on the forums. This does include using safe spots. 1.3 Duping Any player abusing an item/money duplication bug in-game will be permanetly banned. If you find any sort of bug in-game, report this to Wisdom Management ASAP. This infringement is a permanent ban in all circumstances. 1.4 Glitched Items Attempting to exchange any glitched item on the Wisdom market is against the Wisdom rules and the punishment is case-to-case. 1.5 No begging You're not allowed to beg players for items. It gets very annoying for people and also spreads a negativity. 1.6 Advertisement Advertising anything in relation to any other servers will result in a permanent ban. You're not allowed to advertise your Youtube channel/other media. If you upload a video about Wisdom, you need to post it on a thread on the forums and shout out the thread number instead of your Youtube Channel/other media directly. Section 2 - Threats 2.1 DDoS Threats A DDoS threat will always result in a mute and if it continues then an IP mute. If a threat becomes an action then the player will be IP banned. 2.2 Hacking Threats Threatening to hijack another player’s account will always result in an IP ban. 2.3 Real Life Threats Sending real life threats such as a “dox”, or a violent threat that puts a player in danger is against the rules and the punishment is an immediate ban on all accounts and platforms. 2.4 Flaming Flaming another player or staff for any reason is against the rules and will result in a mute. Flaming can become threats if it is severe enough which could lead to a ban so please do not flame one another. Learn to use your ignore list if a fight starts to occur. Section 3 - Scamming/Gambling 3.1 Item Scamming Scamming another player for their in-game items will always result in a ban and will only be reversed if all the items are returned to the player. If you gamble items/gold you don't have, you will be punished. Screenshots of the chat is NOT sufficient evidence of a scam. If you do NOT have a video recording of a scam taking place, the player may not be punished and you definitely won't get your items. 3.2 Gambling Rules You are NOT allowed to gamble an In-Game Donation Vs Items/Cash. This includes all Flower & Dice Bag types of games as well as Staking. Planting in flower poker is a donator benefit. You are not allowed to have other players plant for you if you do not have a donator rank. Both the non-donator and the planter will incur punishments if this occurs. Section 4 - Accounts 4.1 Buying & Selling Accounts Wisdom accounts are NOT allowed to be bought or sold for any reason. ALSO INCLUDES GIVING AWAY ACCOUNTS. 4.2 Hacking Hijacking a player's forum or in-game account will result in a permanent IP ban. 4.3 Sharing Accounts You're not allowed to share your Wisdom account with someone else, if we caught you sharing your account you will be punished for these actions. 4.4 Starter Pack Farming Creating several accounts with the intent to wait out the new player timer in order to farm the starter pack is against the rules and will result in an IP ban. Section 5 - Black Market 5.1 Wisdom for outside RSPS, RSGP & IRL Cash There is NO selling Wisdom GP for any other game version or real life cash. Our virtual items are not allowed to be sold in any way, shape, or form and if you are caught you will be banned. 5.2 Wisdom is not an online marketplace We do not condone people using Wisdom as a platform in order to Buy/Sell goods that do not concern Wisdom RSPS, this includes selling RSGP and other RSPS items to players through in-game mediums (chats). Section 6 - Staff 6.1 Staff Impersonation Pretending to be a part of the Wisdom staff team with intent of scamming or hacking will result in an IP ban. Make sure that you are not tricked by a random player, all staff members have crowns. 6.2 Staff Disrespect Disrespecting staff members such as begging for a spot on the staff team or being rude in general will result in a mute and possibly a ban. Section 7 - Wilderness & Minigames 7.1 "Ragging" Ragging becomes against the rules if it is taken to an extreme and prevents players from being able to PK in the wilderness. If so then this will result in being jailed until the lesson is learned. 7.2 Death Dotting Standing under a player in the duel arena in an attempt to give either player an advantage in a fight is against the rules and will result in being jailed. You ARE allowed to use Death Dotting inside the wilderness. 7.3 Rule Switching Rule switching at the Duel Arena or pulling out items at the last second is against the rules will result in a ban with proper evidence. 7.4 Wilderness Boss Events (One (1) account only) If anyone is seen using two (2) accounts with the same IP address killing either any event boss, it will most likely result in a jail. 7.5 Wilderness Multilogging One (1) person using more than one (1) account at a time to kill players is not allowed. You may have up to three (3) non-combatant skillers in the Wilderness at one time, or one (1) combatant account with up to two (2) non-combatant skillers. (1 PKing account and 1 Pvming account is not allowed) 7.6 Luring Luring anyone to the wilderness with the intention of killing them is against the rules and will result in punishment. Section 8 - Miscellaneous 8.1 Leaking IPs Leaking a player’s IP goes hand-in-hand with threats and will result in a ban. Leaking personal information is something that Wisdom takes very seriously. 8.2 Intolerance Wisdom has absolutely no tolerance for racism, bigotry, sexism, or any other intolerance. These can easily create hatred and we will not have that around. 8.3 Server Disrespect If you are continuously bashing the owners, staff, or anything at all about Wisdom it is not going to be tolerated. You WILL be punished. 8.4 DDoSing These actions are illegal and will not be tolerated by Wisdom. Any DDoS with proof of the victim or a third party member will always result in a permanent IP ban in-game and on the forums. 8.5 Proxy & VPN Voting Using third party software to vote several times in one day is banned because it is immoral and can actually get us banned from the voting sites. Please do not do this because it could possibly prevent us from growing. (This includes use of 4G and 5G on mobiles) 8.6 Punishment Avoiding Avoiding any punishment in any way can result in further action taken at the discretion of the punishing staff member. 8.7 AFK Boss Farming AFK farming any boss for the purpose of rare drops and/or boss points is against the rules and may result in your boss points being reset. 8.8 Drop Parties/HnS/Giveaways Hosting givewways is only allowed in the sense that you have 100% intentions to do this giveaway, if you announce a giveaway and do not follow through, it will be considered against the rules, Hosting a bank giveaway is not permitted at all. 8.9 English only & Foul language in 'Help' CC Please refrain from using other languages apart from English in the CC. Language used in Help CC and Yell MUST be kept clean. General swearing in proximity chat is okay as long as you're not attacking the server, staff or other players. 8.10 No Backseat Moderating Staff are here to do a job, and we do not respect players telling staff what they should/shouldn't do. If an issue arises with a staff member, please take it up with a Manager/Owner. Types of Punishments Forum Ban Removal of access to post on the forums and create forum accounts, anywhere from one day to a permanent punishment Jail Places your account in jail for a set amount of time. You must be logged in for the time to count Server/Game Ban Disables your ability to log in to the Wisdom Server/Game Mute Disables your ability to chat in-game for a given time IP Mute Disables your IPs ability to chat in-game indefinitely IP Ban Disables your IP from logging into the Wisdom Server/Game MAC Ban Disables your computer's MAC Address from logging into the Wisdom Server/Game Final Notes Any punishment related to any offense of the rules is given by the judgement and discretion of that staff member. If you feel you have been mistreated by a staff member, report them to a higher up. If you feel that you have been punished unfairly you may appeal on the forums. These rules are subject to be changed at any time by the staff team. *If you are scammed, hacked or lose an item due to a bug it will not be replaced or refunded by the staff team *If something goes wrong under your IP or account you will still be held responsible. It does not matter if your mom, dad, little brother or sister did it. By making a an account you accept these rules and terms
  10. Forum Rules

    Forum Rules A.1 Gravedigging Posting on any threads that are over 30 days old is considered to be spamming and will result in an infraction A.2 Spamming Excessive spamming on the forums will result in an infraction on your forum account and possibly a forum ban A.3 Falsified Reports Faking any sort of evidence in order to get a player banned or to get you unbanned will result in a permanent termination of your account A.4 Inappropriate Content Any inappropriate content that you post on the forums will be removed immediately and could result in a forum ban A.5 NSFW Content & Signatures All NSFW content must be put in a spoiler with a warning that it is NSFW content A.6 Outside Links Be cautious when posting outside links. Any link that directs to another RSPS or anything of that nature will result in an infraction
  11. Payment TOS

    Terms and Conditions Thank you for choosing Wisdom as your choice of game to play. Please read the following Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy carefully because they govern your use of our Site, Store, and Goods. 1.Agreement to Terms; By using our Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms. If you do not agree to be bound by these Terms, do not use the Services. 2.Changes to terms or goods; We may update the Terms at any time, in our sole discretion. If we do so, we will let you know either by posting the updated Terms on the Site or through other communications. It is important that you review the Terms whenever we update them or you use the Services. If you continue to use the goods after we have posted updated Terms, you are agreeing to be bound by the updated Terms. Because our goods are evolving over time we may change or discontinue all or any part of the good, at any time and without notice, at our sole discretion. 3.Who may make these purchases?; Any person, capable of forming a binding contract, attempting to make a purchase on our store is open to use this Digital Service for purchasing Digital Goods. 4.Payment for goods; Goods are delivered in full upon receipt of an order, once payment has been confirmed. Payments may take up to 3-5 Business days to properly post and be confirmed. Purchaser is responsible for all applicable federal, state and local sales, use or other taxes due on the goods rendered hereunder, except for taxes based on Wisdom income. 5.Term and Termination; These Terms and Conditions shall remain in effect from the effective date of 07/10/2019, until a change is made and the community is notified properly. Wisdom holds the right to terminate, or revoke the Goods if the purchased Good is used in violation of the games rules. A Good may also be terminated or revoked if a Purchase Return is made. 6.Support; If a Good is lost and the purchaser is found to be at fault, the Good will not be returned. If a Good is lost, and the purchaser can provide proof it was due to fault of the game, an investigation will be opened to find the fault and correct it, as well as return the item. 7.Refund Policy; All sales are final and non-negotiable once the purchasers payment is processed. Wisdom reserves the right to control if a refund is possible on a case-by-case basis. If a dispute is opened, any goods will be revoked and removed from the account that has been purchased on. If the good is not present on the account, we will remove cash value, leave your account in a negative state where you must even out the balance to play, or if necessary, ban the account. 8.If the purchaser does not receive the good, they are instructed to make a post on the forums about this. There is a dedicated section for this instance. Please make the post and include as much detail as you can. Once a post is made, Wisdom will review the post and give feedback on the purchase and grant the item, if it was a flaw in the purchasing system. Contact Information; If you have further questions about these Terms of Services, or need to contact the seller regarding them, please send an email to [email protected]
  12. Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation