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How to keep your Wisdom account safe!

A lot of the information in this thread will sound very old and obvious but it's always important.


1. Make sure that your password is never shared with other servers.


2. Do not share your account with other people, it is against the rules and you can get banned for it.


3. Be careful when opening files sent to you from other people you don't trust.


4. A secure account pin helps keep your account safe even in the case of your password being stolen.


5. Staff will NEVER ask for your password or pin so do not give this information to anyone who asks.


6. ::Setemail allows you to set an email recovery.


7. ::Setdiscord allows you to just verify yourself alot more.


7. Make sure to sign up to the forums with your username so that no one can copy your indentity.




Stay safe everyone!

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