Limited Pet Goblin

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10998.pngPET GOBLIN (LIMITED ITEM)10998.png

Introduction to the pet:

The pet is designed to pick up rares for you automatically when you filter it by right clicking the npc and pressing "filter" to toggle it on and off, it will also pick up things such as

crystal keys, coin bags, coins and clue scrolls.

It also gives a 2% droprate bonus when having the pet summoned and cannot be lost in the wilderness, it also can be traded to other players in-game.

How many will be sold?

Due to the fact that the whole selling point of the item is to have it limited to a certain amount we will only sell 5.


Future possible updates:

We could potentially be adding a metamorphisis to have it change npc looks.

Having a skilling feature that will help.





Link to buy?

https://store.wisdomrsps.com/?category=Limited Deals


We also would love for you to tell us anything you would like as future limited items or updates you want onto the pets.

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