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25/10/2020 Update Log

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Just updates that you may not of known or that are brand new, ive been very sick lately and the developement hasnt been massively great but still quite a few good updates and hopefully we can start to grow as a community and focus on some new content.


- Raids ionly requires all 99's in combat skills only, every 99 you get after that helps with the raids loot.

- Donation deals are now fully active, each deal has its own unique interface and upon logging in you get a randomised deal, there only 8 deals ingame maximum  that has been made, you have 24 hours to complete the deal and then it will automatically swop to another deal.

- Looting bag was fully fixed in the new bank.
- New items were added to the game, inquisitor set, dagon h'ai set, neitiznot faceguard.
- Revenant cave entrance has better pathing.
- Added correct osrs bonuses to the new items.
- All new items can be obtained via the ultra mystery box.
- Dagon Hai set can be obtained via the larrans chest in the wilderness.
- Neitiznot Faceguard will be obtained via the wilderness chests for now.
- The Inquisitor set will be obtained via a newer update we do.
-Npcs was moved to the correct places in the map.
- Partyhat set was coded to give all 6 partyhats.
- Inquisitor's Armour Set was coded to give all 3 pieces.
- Donation store guy now has "deals" on his second option.
- Added a repair object to repair certain items such as barrows, defenders when the systems are added.
- Fixed gulag teleports
- Fixed kree arras drop table + zulrah's drop tables
- Fixed a massive bug with the tournament system, being able to teleport out with items.
 You can no longer teleport in jail.
- Lowered the droprate of the pvp weapons from revenant as they was way to high.
- Revenants now drop the uncharged version instead of charged version
- Kodai now has infinite waters.
-  Agility teleport no longer teleports you back to the shops.
- When using the glory it will now take you to the correct spawn location.
- Ironman mode now has 1% drop rate boost.
- HC ironman now has a 2% drop rate boost.
- Ultimate Ironman now has a 3% drop rate boost.
- Donations now have a global message but will not display the amount or product for privacy reasons.
- Donation deal system has been added, you can click “deals” on the donator store npc, when you login it will randomly generate you a deal, only 5 random deals atm but will increase as i increase it.

- Limited pet goblin has been fully coded in the game.

- 200m capes shop has been added to home.

- 99m cape shop has been added to home.

- You can now remove your items from the looting bag at home or anywhere other than the wilderness.

- New home map has been introduced and added skilling area along with it.

- There a fire at home that you can cook fish on and now firemake logs.

- Clue scrolls and coinbags should no longer be buggy

- Cerberus should no longer be misspelled once completed the task.

- You should no longer be able to get double marks of grace by double clicking the end jumps, this goes for all rooftops being fixed.

- Run Energy has been Fixed, will no longer go to 101 energy at randomised times and should be smoother to runescapes run energy.

- Slayer command teleport was deleted, we are going to be making a new map thats closer for the shops as we disagree with the current home.

- Links such as store, donator benefits has been fixed to the correct url.

- More clue scroll items have been added suich as full bronze (g) and full bronze (t) to the medium clue scrolls as suggested via discord.

- Added messages to bob who decants ur potions to make it seem less buggy.

- All modes can now buy experience from pest control.

- Teleport previous on the teleporter is now less buggy.

- Revenant weapons will no longer say "-1000 charge" when checking charges.

- If your less than 1000 charges you wont even be able to wield the revenant weapons.

- Uncharged versions of all revenant weapons will have a "dismantle" option that will allow you to gain 7500 ether from it.

- Slayer task amount has been added to the quest tab to make it more cleaner and stop some slayer tasks names going of the quest tab.

- Slayer teleport and agility teleport has been fixed to the correct locations.

- Grace has been placed at the new home.

- Once 30 site votes has been reached by players, the well will be automatically filled fully. Thats 3 sites per person that can be gained towards the goal.

- Trading post was placed at the new home

- Sigmund has been placed in a more suitable area in the edge bank.


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