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Update Log 03/11/2020

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Hey guys just putting out the update log to update you guys on the work we been doing.

Here the following updates : 


- Lever now teleports you to max island
- Mage of zamorak is now at home
- Mac has been placed at home for max cape.
- 200m capes npc has been placed next to the 99m cape npc.
- Coins no longer have add pouch as pouch is being removed
- Cups of tea have been replaced with an id that can be noted.
- ::slayertp now fully works, it costs 150k for non donators and is free to all donators.
- Graceful set should now give the correct bonuses.
- Seren Chest and sotetseg chest will now announce rare drops
- There is now a warning message for dismantling revenant weapons.
- When wearing revenants weapons it used to not take down ether from the etherium bracelet, it now does.
- Added all ancient emblems and crystals to the revenant droptable.
- Ring of wealth scroll has been decreased in price slightly, but will no longer be decreased further.
- Donation store items have been decreased slightly for quite a few items.
- You can now click the bond icon in setting tab to load up your donation deal.
- Deal time is now fully fixed and works alot more smoothly when offline.
- Revamped the entire donation store
- Made dagon hai hat wearable, was causing multiple errors previously.
- Revenant weapons have been increased in drop rate.
- Fixed a small bug with the bank, when searching for something and closing the bank and reopening it would stay on the search and sometimes appear as if you got an empty bank, this is now resolved.
- Donation deal now shows quantity of an item thats greater than 1 in the description box.
- Ents now give pvm points.
- When receiving a larrans key, the text was very off, its now properly sending the correct message
 - Slayer gem has been reworked on options and will now have activate, check and teleport, teleport allows you to teleport to your task unless its on the wilderness tab, being donator + allows the “teleport” to become free, for others it's got a fee.
- Fountain of rune works really well, it's been replaced with a more efficient code that replaces the item instead of deleting and adding, and now works in more than one spot.
- When testing bones to peaches i noticed a bit of coding mistake that could have been bugged, that now has been fixed.
- It will now tell you not to use ammo on the craw`s bow if you have arrows in the ammo equipment slot to prevent you wasting unnecessary ammo.
- Chaos altar now works, pretty accurately to osrs in terms of effect and now just works in general.
- Fixed the agility glitch where it was giving attack experience.
- Hiscores is now fully active
- Rune knives have increased in price, though they were massively low.
- Dragon bolt is now on the tables of pvm casket, vorkath and pvm shop as just a better way to get them.
- All the hunter shops have increased in item prices just because it was drastically low, I've also added impling jars unnoted to the shop.
- Lowered down how often callisto fires out the white wave.
- Updated donator world message as it looked horrible with the colors.
- Ultimate ironmans can now use the bank to deposit only items that are untradeable, this is because things such as pets limit their space and although that's a part of the mode it's just an easier and unique effect to the mode and game, they have certain button restrictions in the bank as well.
- Small pathing issue when clicking the vote store or donator store due to pathing tiles being walkable when they shouldn't be just outside the bank, this is now resolved.
- At 1pm server time, sometimes earlier depending on time but the server should automatically add you to a list if your either top donator, 2nd placed donator or 3rd to a  list, and let you claim your monthly donation reward by right clicking donator guy and pressing “Monthly Reward”.
- Dragon darts have been added to the slayer shop.
- Fixed overall drop rates from revenants cave, i've also sorted out the npcs in a easy to medium to hard fashion and based droprate of health.
- Ancient emblems will no longer display “unarmed” when the global announcement comes up.
- Raids will now have no requirement to enter the lobby, every 99 you get will go to a better chance at the rewards.
- You now have a 1/25 chance of getting a mystery box when voting on each site.
- As of next update ::Refer google  and ::refer discord will be a valid referral site.
- Ultimate ironmans bank 5, bank 10, bank all and bank x amount has been fixed.
- Onyx bolts should now work with the correct range weapon.
- Slayer task will no longer show slayer task amount as its under slayer task amount just below it.
- When choosing an incorrect picture on the random event interface that pops up when it thinks your afking to long, it will now teleport you to the respawn location instead of of edge.
- Infernal Pickaxe and dragon pickaxe has been added to the skill inteface tab when clicking the mining skill and going to pickaxe to check the mining level requirement
- Rune cane now has 40 defence requirement
- Donation deal 7 has been fixed from bugging out every so often, and deal 4 has now been fixed when clicking the bond icon to pull up the interface as easier navigation.
- When opening things such as jar of dirt and others like it, it now has a more randomasation effect to it by giving you 100-700 pvm points.
- Rocks such as gem rocks and just the lower end mining rocks now have a correct walking distance that should just make it look more professional when clicking a mining rock
- Slayer keys are now obtainable as of next update by killing slayer monsters when there your task, when killing a slayer monster of greater than 0 combat and less than or equal to 50 combat, you will get a slayer key tier 1 at the chance of a 1/500 chance, when killing greater a slayer task greater than 50 combat or less than or equal to 90 combat, you will get a tier 2 at the chance of a 1/375, When killing a slayer task npc greater than 90 combat but less than or equal to 125 combat you will get a slayer key tier 3 that has a chance of 1/250, when killing greater than 175 combat of a slayer task but less than or equal to 225 combat, you will get a tier 4 slayer key that has a chance of 1/175 chance, Finally when killing any slayer monster higher than 225 combat you will have a chance at a tier 5 slayer key that is a chance of 1/125, Wilderness tasks give a 10% boost on the slayer chance of the current tier key your going for, the keys are then used on a chest next to slayer master that you can pull a variaty of items of the chest, this chest is still in developement but the keys will be obtainable as of next update
- Slayer keys system will not calculate your inventory space and send it to your bank upon having no inventory room, due to the new ultimate ironman update they will also receive it in the bank but because slayer keys are going to be untradeable, it will be classed as an allowed item into the bank.
- Salve amulet (e) and salve amulet (e) and salve amulet (i) and salve amulet (ei) should now all have the correct boosts
- As of next update bob the herblore guy has been placed in his usual spot that he somehow dissapeared from.
- Ring of recoil now has a more defined color for the message when it shatters.
- Raids enterance is now fixed
- Reset options on box traps should now work
- Eco tokens were deleted out of the game, there is no use for them and at the momment we arent making a use but feel free to keep them.
- As of next update goblin pet will fully function, i have tested it locally and it appears to be working for me.
- Clue scroll armour has been added to the clue scroll loot table, each peace gives you a 1% better loot table chance
- Vote store has completely been cleared and there will now be a new shop
- Amulet of avarice will now be dropped by revenant monsters, we know its supposed to drop by any monster in the cave and we do that at a later time in progress.
- Amulet of avarice now fully functions, it will note any item that is dropped by soemthing in revenant cave, if the item is not noteable such as a rune it will just simply leave it in its original state.
- Amulet of avarice now has the correct stats when equipping it.
- You can now no longer cut a web with nothing in your hands.
- Mage bank lever now fully works properly.
- When drinking overloads and then saradomin brews, overload stats should no longer be effected.
- Gulag will now fully work as of next update


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