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Update log 06/11/2020

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Hey guys so these are some of the bugs and suggestions/content updates that we have added to the game, please do keep in mind that we did an update log 3 days ago and its not been a full week.



- Ironman shop is now at donator area
- Muttadile in raids now has an attack animation
- Wildy chest now gives 2 items but has alot more of uncommon items in it as it was very unbalanced.
- Drag timer is set to a default of 10 to make dragging items alot smoother.
- You should no longer heal to 1 health when dying at rare occasations.
- UIM can now use herblore npc
- Every 1$ adds 1m to the well just to give back to the community and thank the person donating as a little bonus.
- Hunter honour can now be equipted and with the correct bonus stats.
- Rogues revenge can now be equipted and with the correct bonus stats.
- If your in the boundary area near sotetseg or wilderness in general it used to tell you that you had done no damage even if you didnt participate, the boss now checks for participants and doesnt send the message to everyone.
- Next time there a client update the super mystery box design will of changed
- Ankou set has been removed from the ultra mystery box
- Dragon lance and avernic defender has been added into the ultra mystery box to fill in spaces from the ankou set
- Master clue scrolls should no longer have combat requirements
- Attacker icon, collector icon, defender icon and healer icon now go to the ammo slot
- Donator boss and earth warriors should have "view-drops" fully working and the option next client update.
- Rune pouch and looting bag now have a message telling you have received it.
- Rune pouch and looting bag is x2 harder to get in the wilderness, as it was super easy to begin with.
- Pet goblin should actually display the name of the item its picked up instead of saying "null".
- Adamant scimitar and feathers has been removed from the ironman store
- ::Skull now works in the wilderness
- Amulet of Avarice now automatically skulls you when wearing it.
- Goblin pet filter will now filter off when picking up the pet.
- Magic notepapers has been added for ultimate ironmans, they can find it in the ultimate ironman store, this will be purchased and can be used on an item to note it.
- Dagganoth Rex should no longer have steel bars or iron ore in the collection log classing them as a rare
- Well of goodwill for experience should now be 2 hours not 1.
- Ancient emblems now all have a sell price.
- If ultimate ironmans decide to press bank all despite them not being able to use it, it will just send out one message per click instead of the message x how many items in your inventory.
- When being ultimate ironman and pressing bank all it wont drop all your items, it will just return a message.
- Ultimate ironmans can now use the looting bag outside of the wilderness.
- Revenant items such as bracelet of ether and pkp will announce in the cave to ppl in the cave only, a nice future update incase we add them more to it.
- Longbone will no longer announce as a rare announcement.
- Black kiteshields and other items like that will no longer announce as a rare announcement.
- There was a problem with jellys teleporting you to banshee's when teleporting to them with a slayer gem, this is now fixed and they will now teleport you to the correct coordinates.
- All barrows armour peices now have an option after next client update saying "Make-Set", this will check for all 4 peices of that specific set your trying to make and make it as a set.
- Every slayer chest key when used on slayer chest grants you 3 slayer points just for using the chest.
- Slayer T1 chest has been completed (will get reworked on in rewards aswell tho). you can gain stuff such as spiny helmet just for free out of it, dragona arrows, dragon darts, barrows gloves ect.
- Added 2 shortcut commands ::vorkath and ::zulrah, if you want me to add more then please suggest them specifically.
- Added 1 more dragon impling at donator zone
- Ring of avarice checks for the item to see if its noteable, if it isnt it will leave the item in the original state, if its possible to note it will note the item for you.
- Updated Client message protocols
- Morrigan Javelins were added to the cache and will be added to the game next update.
- Morrigan throwing axes were added to the cache and will be added to the game next update.
- Zureil Staff were added to the cache and will be added to the game next update.



How longs it last?

Pretty much much until you complete 40 hours in-game play time, the interface will then close for that player.

Each reward can be obtained every 2 hours of actual ingame time.

Multiple uses?

The interface will only allow 1 reward per mac address, so please pick wisely on what account you would like to gain rewards on.



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