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Update Log 13/11/2020

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Update Log 13/11/2020

Update log of the past 7 days or so, we have things in developement such as a new time grind reward slots coming out sometime next update log or before then.


- Arrow shafts are now 300gp sell price
- Ultimate ironmans now can buy upto 16 slots in there bank, they purchase 1 slot for 2 million coins, this will not affect untradeables being put into the bank
- Revenant weapons should no longer give the wildy bonus when attacking a player
- Ultimate ironmans can now bank book of darnkess.
- Book of darkness is now untradeable.
- When praying at the statue of guthix, saradomin or zamorak, it will properly work like oldschool runescapes way.
- Saradomin, guthix and zamorak capes are now untradeable.
- Feathers have been reduced massively in quantity in droptables.
- Wrath runes should now be abled to be stored in the rune pouch.
- The droptable was showing incorrect values of what the actual droprate of the item was, it will now properly divide the droprate by how many items are in that section of rarity and - Show you the correct value of the droprate.
- Mithril seeds can now be used without a coin bag
- Elf warriors was removed from slayer tasks, i have added iorwerth warriors and archers to the tasks as a replacement and fix.
- Slayer keys will now be untradeable.
- Mage of zamorak, captain kraken and krystallia are now facing the correct way just to be a bit more professional.
- News sections have been rewriten
- Achievements and just having no space in general for ultimate ironmans is now been recoded, the original code did not seem to work or make alot of sense and it should now work more efficiently.
- There is now a filter option for filtering out skillig messages, you simply go to setting bar and click the green icon and click the notification icon on and off.
- Distance of the queen at donator zone is alot shorter
- Npc being already in combat may be alot more smoother and have accurate results of calculating if a player isnt hitting it
- All godwar books are now untradeable.
- Pheonix pet is now untradeable.
- Mage arena npcs will now drop 5-9 burnt pages constantly.
- If you already have a looting bag, it will no longer give you one on the floor.
- Reduced callisto respawn timer
- Ancient emblems / rev weapons have been reduced in droprate slightly.
- Poison should have a message when it wears off.
- Warriors guild now checks for you speaking to kamfeena about your next defender.
- If you have less than 10 warriors guild tokens, it will send you out of the boundary of warriors guild and disable you from attacking a cyclop.
- You can now fletch with redwood logs but the amounts of shafts and javelins may need to be fixed.
- All 200m capes now have the max skill cape emotes.
- 200m Construction cape was removed, was added a long time ago accidently.
- Tier 2 slayer key chest is now functional.
- The magic notepapers for ultimate ironmans now fully works.
- Magic Notepapers for ultimates have increased in price x 3
- Abyssal Tentacle is now untradeable.
- Goblin pet now picks up majority of items that are dragon, it also picks up etherium.
- Removed the hitpoints message from raids, its goes of 99s after the combat skills.
- Raids rare key luck was reduced at raids.
- Glod and ice queen names was removed from droptables as they dont exist anymore.
J- ellys now teleports you to the correct location when using your slayer gem.
L- owered Slayer tasks quantity on hellhounds, way to high.
- As you know recoil goes upto 40 hits not 40 hitpoints, when operating the recoil it told you the wrong message and hit counter, it will now count down from 40 and tell you how much hits is left.
- Clue scroll easy and medium should no longer announce on the droptable.
- Outlast has been renamed to gulag everywhere in the client, object wise and interface wise.
- Game timers were in game and multiple people have been telling me to add it when tis already in game, so hopefully you certain people see this and realise its an option in advanced options.
- Ring of recoil now have a better color when it shatters.
- We have now coded a bank check so we can check for certain items being in the bank, and have added it to ultimate ironmans system to track items better for the uim slots.
- You can now combine a skeletal vissage with a anti-dragon shield to create a dragonfire ward, this also grants 2000 smithing experience and requires 90 smithing to combine these items.
- Javelin shafts are now 200gp sell price
- Herb market stall was on object bug created buy our map editor, that has been replaced of the tournament area.
- Tournament area now has a bank so you can deposit items when getting to the portal faster.
- Cooking experience rate has been increased due to it not being leveled with other skills.
- Slayer tier 3 key chest has been coded
- Was a bug i noticed in slayer keys where when added to the bank it would give the wrong tiers soemtimes, this has been fixed.
- Spinning wheel was added to the flax field in camelot.
Bow strings was removed out of the ironman shop.
- Glassblowing pipe was increased in price.
- Lowered down pest control timer.
- Master clue scrolls will no longer give a slight error due to a message it sends about skill requirements that no logner exists.
- Upgraded time grinds afk checker.
- Grind time has now been added to the quest tab to check for your time.
- Corporeal beast has been decreased in defence.
- Pet goblin should pick up dragon platelegs.
- Voting for mystery box at a 1/25 chance was slightly misscoded, its now been adjusted and lowered to 1/20.
- All slayer tier keys will now work on the chest.
- Slayer tier keys now have the correct message when opening it.
- Vials now works, it should be for every potion possible but if not i recommend reporting the specific potion not working.
- Imbued max capes now have the operate button fully working.
- Mage arena battle mages now drop infinity, master wand and mage book.
- No longer get rollbacked when leaving the tournament portal in lobby.
- Tournament lobby time is now 3 minutes instead of 5.
- All cerberus tasks given by all masters now teleport you directly to the iron winch that teleports you into the cerberus cave.
- ::Vorkath now teleports you to the correct location.
- Previous teleport was recoded to actual work under buttons and ignore things like teleport home, please let me know if any other bugs occur during that previous teleport button on the npc.
- Pvm Shop has been completed reworked.
- Onyx has now been called onyx in the proper item definiton files, it was showing the name as "restict" in trades and other places.
- The following items have been made untradeable, shield left haf, shield right half, infernal weapons, 
- Uim 16 bank slot system was reworked to counter quantity of items.
- Slayer keys are now stackable.
- All slayer keys have been properly named in item definiton, this means that in trades, examining the item and other places it will show the correct name.
- Onyx now announces when mining for one at the gem rocks.
- Baby blue dragons will now appear more as a task rather than blue dragons just overriding it everytime.
- When on a baby blue dragon task, you no longer be able to kill blue dragons, only the other way around works.
- You can now use an item on the magic notepapers to note them as another alternative than just using the papers on the item.
- Increased tokkul drops in jad cave.
- Pest control was readded to the quest tab.
- Once the time goes to 0 on time grind on quest tab, it will now turn to a text saying "claimable".
- Cave horrors attack animation and death animation have been updated.
- When opening a donator scroll, instead of it telling you your next rank, it will calculate how much is left until your next rank.
- Cave horrors now should show killcount, they was under a different name in the config of all npcs.
- Donator bosses option for view-drops will now work.
- Hydra bone sell price was increased.
- 5x mode can now use lamps.
- Experience lamps should no longer show 2 times the xp in the xp bar counter.
- Slayer tier 5 had a flaw in the code, it wasnt tracking whta combat level the monster was, it now does that so they should be harder to get.
- Next client update bounty hunter manager will have clearer options on him.
- Next client update, the chest near the slayer master will be called "Slayer Chest" and it will have no options on it as you use the keys on the chest.
- Pet goblin now picks up every type of whip drop.

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